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Wild About Philly features the diversity between Philly’s traditional conservative style & the more exciting & uninhibited side!! Our objective and primary focus has been to provide an avenue for visitors and locals to get an insight of the Philly scene & surrounding areas, “the real deal”. Our diversified clientele ranges from all types of music, life styles, entertainment, clubs, art, culture, music, unique businesses, shows, events, spas, beauty salons, clothing stores, bars, restaurants, food eateries, artists, musical groups, hotels, and much more. In addition, Wild About Philly gives updates and media coverage that our local broadcasting stations are unable to reach. We have a pulse on “What’s going on”. This helps our Philadelphians & visitors to prepare for upcoming trends, and events.

Wild About Philly is not just a TV show, it’s a slogan that represents city pride... ”I’m Wild About Philly”, “We’re Wild About Philly”, etcetera!!!

Wild About Philly’s goal is to make sure that entertainment and professionals stay here and will draw more like to Philadelphia.

Increase tourism & revenue.

Increase city Pride.


Wild About Philly


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About us

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