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Hours & Location

5912 Haverford Ave., Phila., PA 19151
(267) 571-9453

Mon-Thur: 10am-11pm
Sat: 11am-4pm
Closed: Sun

About Us

Show Your City Pride and for the Birth Place of America. Wild About Philly features the diversity between Philly’s traditional conservative style & the more exciting & uninhibited side!! Our objective and primary focus has been to provide an avenue for visitors and locals to get an insight of the Philly scene & surrounding areas, “the real deal”.

In addition, Wild About Philly gives updates and media coverage that our local broadcasting stations are unable to reach. We have a pulse on “What’s going on”. This helps our Philadelphians & visitors to prepare for upcoming trends, and events. Wild About Philly is not just a TV show, it’s a slogan that represents city pride... ”I’m Wild About Philly” .

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